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Vexta Stepper

Vexta Stepper Motor PH265-02, 2-Phase Stepping Motor DC 12V 1.8/step


Vexta # PX569-NBA Stepper motor


Vexta PH266-01 Stepper Motor


Vexta C8590-9012KE, 2-phase, 5.6V, 1.8˚ stepper motor w/Avago HEDS-5500 encoder


Vexta Oriental Stepping Stepper Motor PK268-02A-C56 2 Phase 4.5V 1.8 Degree


Vexta Stepping Motor Stepper DC5.4 V 1.5A Phase


Vexta PH265-02 stepper motor


11 Vexta Oriental Stepper Motors PH266-01GK-C34, 6VDC 1.2A, 6:1


Oriental Motor Vexta PH265-E2 Stepper Motor - 1.9V - PH265 C5 - 8 Leads - Japan


Vexta Stepper Motor and Controller Brushless Speed Control System AXH5100KC-A


Vexta Stepper Motor PH566-B 5-Phase Oriental Motors 60mm Frame


Vexta Oriental PK569AUA 5 phases stepper motor 0.72°/step


Oriental Motor 2 Phase Vexta Stepper CNC 3D PH265-05B-C12 HP Encoder HEDS-6300


Vexta stepper motor model C6669-9212 2-phase 1.8" /step


Vexta PH566M-NAA Stepper Motor


Oriental Motor Vexta Stepping Stepper Motor 5 Phase PH544HG1-NA Harmonic Gear


Vexta PX569-AUHA 5 phase stepper motor




Vexta Stepper Motor ASM98AA-N25


VEXTA ORIENTAL stepper motor PX245M-01AA 4.0vdc .9 degree New in Box 2 PHASE


Vexta C7463-9212KGM gearhead stepper motor oriental motor [2*E-9.25]


Vexta Double Ended Stepping Stepper motor PK5913BUA


Oriental Motor Vexta Stepping Stepper Motor Precision 5 Phase PK566-NA Japan


ORIENTAL MOTOR Vexta 2-Phase 1.8ºStep Round Shaft Stepping Stepper Motor 3.6V 2A


Box of 10 Vexta PK266-01B 2-Phase Stepper Motor 1.8° DC 1A 7.4Ω NOS


2 - Stepper Motors - Vexta PK299-E4.5A in Control Box


Oriental motor Co. # A3939-9412 Vexta stepper motor with gearbox 2-phase 1.8 deg


Vexta Stepper Motor C031E-9012   2-Phase  DC 4.4 V   1.1A 


Oriental Motor Vexta Stepper Stepping 5 Phase PH569-A Precision .72 Degree Step


Vexta Stepper Motor Assembly - C4441-9012 - 2 Phase 1.9 deg/step UIC 44339601


VEXTA Stepper Motor 2-Phase 1.8 degree step DC 2.3V 3A / C6925-9212K


(3) VEXTA ORIENTAL stepper motors PK243M-01AA 5.6vdc .9 degree New in Boxes


New VEXTA High Resolution 2-Phaser Stepper Motor PK266M-02A


Vexta 0.05deg, 2.5A Geared Stepper Motor #ASM66AK


Vexta 2 phase stepper motor Model PK266-02A


Vexta A2510-9212 Stepper Motor 1.8Deg/Step 5.3V 1.6A - Guaranteed


Oriental Motor Vexta Stepper PH533HG1-NA Feedthrough Unit With Spray Applicator


VEXTA 2-Phase Stepper Motor Model PX243M-03AA


NEW Vexta Model PK566-NA Stepping Stepper Motor 5-Phase Japan


Vexta PH266-02B Stepper Motor


Vexta PH265M-32 Stepper Motor


Vexta PH266-02 Stepping Stepper Step Motor 2 Phase 1.8°/Step


NEW Vexta Oriental PK296-E4.5B Nema34 Stepper Stepping Motor -CNC Router DIY Kit